Erie Spirit Sailing
Erie Spirit Sailing

Boat & Captain

The Erie Spirit is captained by Jim Wagnitz, who holds a 100-ton Coast Guard Master's License with a Sailing Endorsement. He has sailed extensively throughout the Great Lakes.  Jim learned to sail in 1978 on a 14" sailboat.  He has owned several boats since then including a '20 ft daysailer/racer and the 33' Erie Spirit.  The mainsail is fully battened for great sail shape in

even light wind conditions and reefable when the wind picks up for comfortable sailing in all conditions.


Captain Jim wants you to experience the joy and comfort of sailing on Lake Erie, and looks out for your safety by having required equipment aboard the boat.. There is no need to bring life jackets.  Soft soled shoes are recocommened but not required.  Barefoot sailing brings its own pleasures.  Not shown in the photo is a sun shade over the cockpit area for your sailing comfort.


The boat is located at Lakevue Marina, 8549 North Shore Blvd, Lakeside-Marblehead, OH 43440, at Dock CO22 which is on a pier to the left of the Red Boat Hoist, last boat on the left of the pier.



Phone or Text

419 967 0520




(419) 967-0520


Lakevue Marina

8549 North Shore Blvd

Lakeside-Marblehead, OH 43440