Erie Spirit Sailing
Erie Spirit Sailing

8-hour cruise

The 8-hour cruise option extends your adventure, taking you and yours to one of three of the Lake Erie Islands:  Kelley's, Middle Bass or South bass Island home of Put-in Bay.  There you can enjoy their unique hospitality, enjoying one of the many restaurants or tourist attractions.  Generally, it takes approximately 3 hours to sail to and from an island harbor with a minimum of 2 hours for your island excursion.  Cost is $400 for a maximum of six passengers with an additional dockage fee which varies from island to island.


You are welcome to take the helm and be Captain for the day.  Choose the destination and timing.  No experience is necessary to enjoy the sound of the water gliding past the hull, whispering sweet nothings in your ear.


This cruise operates Monday-Thursday only.


All cruises are operated at the discretion of the Captain.


      You can book a date and time 4 ways:  call or text at the number below, email at address above, paying by cash or check at time of the cruise or click on the View Calendar above and pay by credit card now.

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Lakevue Marina

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