Erie Spirit Sailing
Erie Spirit Sailing

3-hour Cruise

No experience is necessary to enjoy the feeling of calm and relaxation that sailors have kept to themselves for hundreds of years.  This cruise takes you sailing among the islands of Lake Erie in the Western basin of the lake. The boat sails in water well protected from large waves by Kelleys Island, South Bass Island, Catawba Island and the Marblehead Peninsula.  During the cruise you get to steer the boat, adjust sails, stand watch, or sit back, relax and let Captain Jim take you on a journey.


Total cost for the cruise is $160 which will allow up to 6 passengers to enjoy the experience.  Morning, afternoon and evening sunset sails are routinely offered daily mid-May through late September, weather permitting.  Specfic times can be arranged according to your schedule.


Complimentary bottled water is available and you are free to bring food and beverage of your choice.





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